At NOVA EXTRANJERÍA we have software programme which allows us to do the telematic transfer procedure of your car with no need to go to the Provincial Traffic Headquarters.

Once the transfer is completed, a temporary document is generated before the vehicle registration is issued, and with which this car can be driven with no problem.

Afterwards, a final vehicle registration will be issued, which can be picked up at the same consultancy, or delivery to home by post or courier service can be requested.

Transferencia de coche
Transfer of a car

A “traffic report” must be requested to determine if the vehicle has attached any type of incident, disposal limitation, foreclosure, debts, etc.

The buyers have a term of 30 days to carry out the transfer of the vehicle.


It is obligatory for the sellers to notify the transfer in a term of ten days from the date of sale of the vehicle. It can be carried out directly upon the change of owner of the vehicle or its notification.

If the vehicle has been financed, the anotation in the Property Registry  must be checked to make sure that it has been written off once the payment of the sale has been made.

If you want to avoid this procedure and solve the situation quickly, you can carry out this process through our TRAFFIC service, which will process the notification of the transfer of the vehicle

Our consultancy NOVA EXTRANJERÍA will undertake this procedure and will make sure the car is free of liabilities.