• What is long-term residence?

Long-term residence authorises a person to reside and work indefinitely in Spain under the same conditions as Spaniards.

  • Who can aim for long-term residence?

Foreign citizens who have had a continuous temporary residence in Spain for five years and fulfil the legal requirements will have the right to a long term residence. For the purpose of obtaining the long-term residence, all the previous and continuous residence periods in other Member States as a title holder of the EU Blue Card will be taken into consideration. The residence will be considered as continuous even if the foreigner has left the national territory temporarily on holiday periods or for other legally-established reasons.

  • How can I recover my long-term residence?

Long-term residence can be recovered when it has expired because of the absence of the individual in the European Union territory for 12 consecutive months, or because of the acquisition of long-term residence in another EU Member State.

Source: Official website of the Spanish Embassy.

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