All those non-EU people who, for reasons of persecution, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, political ideology, etc. fear their return to the country of origin or habitual residence, can apply for asylum and international protection in Spain.

The procedure for requesting asylum and international protection request starts within one month of the arrival on Spanish territory. Normally, it has four phases:

  • Request. The request is issued to the competent body. During this phase, the interested party defends the reasons for his/her request.
  • Admission to proceed. To accept it, the agency has one month -renewable for another month-, counting from the date of application. The applicant, once his/her application has been admitted, will be granted an identification document (red card) renewable for six months. If the request has been rejected, an optional administrative appeal and / or a contentious-administrative appeal may be filed.
  • Term of instruction. It is the phase in which the request of the applicant is studied and thoroughly investigated.
  • Resolution. It is the last phase of the final decision to grant or deny asylum and international protection in Spain.


  • Healthcare.
  • Legal assistance.
  • Assistance by an interpreter.
  • Communication of the request to UNHCR.
  • Right to be informed of the news.
  • Cancellation of any expulsion that may affect the applicant.
  • Right to receive specific social benefits according to the terms present in the Law.
  • Practise lucrative work in Spain.
  • Access to Spanish nationality.


The application for asylum and international protection in Spain is carried out in the offices of the corresponding body:

  • Asylum and refuge office.
  • Foreign Affairs Offices.
  • Provincial Police Station.

Likewise, the application for asylum and international protection can be carried out by a legal representative in Spain.

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